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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintLouieWoman View Post
    He explained that eating dogs was a right of passage for boys about to enter adulthood. He was in the US to try to erase the amount of debt owed to the US and then get subsequent new loans. He had on large diamond jewelry, along with the tribal robes. To say that I didn't particularly like him was the understatement of the century. :D

    I stupidly at that point didn't understand how the folks of his religion don't like dogs. If I did, probably would have borrowed a few dogs from my friends to further annoy him. :p
    He was likely a Muslim..They don't like dogs...but I don't think they're considered clean enough to eat...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintLouieWoman View Post
    So would you eat dog meat? I wouldn't. I almost threw a guy from Togo (African country) out of my house when he was a visitor courtesy of the State Department (sponsored his trip to St Louis--I was the lucky "typical" American to host him at my house). He started talking about eating dogs and looking at my hounds. A relative kicked me under the table as she could tell I was getting more upset by the minute.

    BTW, do you have any pets?
    two pitbulls... personally i wouldnt, but i'm not gonna force that on people half way around the world.
    If you want to see my political views, check out my profile. i have them on my wall because there wasn't enough room in the info section.
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