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Cardboard, they are stealing cardboard too, these people should be horsewhipped!:mad:
They'd just cook and eat the horse. :D
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You sound like a regular St Frances Of Assisi and you have all of the compassion of a frozen bullfrog .

They would take their lives into their hands if they go to any shelter in that New York City pest hole.....Those places are loaded with black ex cons looking for trouble and druggies stoned out of their minds and HIV ridden .

....They stand a better chance of living a bit longer living on the streets or in the park...

Once on the street the average lifespan is about two years and after that their health and minds are gone and they die some cold morning in a doorway ...After a few days of cold weather in the winter they will recover,every morning, about twenty dead bodies from around the city, cremate and dump the ashes into a common grave pit..
The problem is that liberals have decided that being a drug-addicted, mentally ill person in a cardboard box is an "alternative lifestyle." Back in the 80's, the Koch administration tried to remove the more obviously deranged homeless from the streets, starting with a woman who called herself Billie Boggs (after Bill Boggs, a local TV personality, did I mention that she was nuts?). Boggs (real name Joyce Brown) was a genuinely diagnosed psychotic who lived on a hot air vent. She was the test case for Koch's involuntary commitment program after repeatedly running into traffic, exposing herself, shouting ethnic slurs at black men (she was black), threatening passersby, tearing up money that she was given, and smearing herself in her own crap. She was committed, and a hearing was scheduled, but the NYCLU sprung her, got her medicated enough to appear cogent at her hearing, and got her released. She was then feted as a local celebrity, made several hundred thousand in speaking engagements, and blew it all in a week at the Plaza hotel. A year after she was released, she was back on the steam grate. Koch gave up trying to get the homeless off the street after that, and until Rudy Giuliani began cracking down, that was the state of affairs in NYC.

The homeless aren't the problem. Stupid leftists who use them as pawns in the advancement of their agenda are the problem.