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  1. #1 The 22 Republicans who balked Boehner 
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    or as I call it...22 principled Conservatives who go beyond b.s politics and really want to fix this mess. These guys aren't worried about the "next" election. Way to go S.C.

    Speaker John Boehner pushed his debt-ceiling bill through the House Friday night with the support of 218 Republicans. Here are the 22 no votes:

    Justin Amash (Mich.)
    Michele Bachmann (Minn.)
    Chip Cravaack (Minn.)
    Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
    Scott Desjarlais (Tenn.)
    Tom Graves (Ga.)
    Tim Huelskamp (Kans.)
    Steve King (Iowa)
    Tim Johnson (Ill.)
    Tom McClintock (Calif.)
    Mick Mulvaney (S.C.)
    Ron Paul (Texas)
    Connie Mack (Fla.)
    Jim Jordan (Ohio)
    Tim Scott (S.C.)
    Paul Broun (Ga.)
    Tom Latham (Iowa)
    Jeff Duncan (S.C.)
    Trey Gowdy (S.C.)
    Steve Southerland (Fla.)
    Joe Walsh (Ill.)
    Joe Wilson (S.C.)

    CORRECTED: Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) voted YES on the Boehner bill. That was incorrect in the initial list. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has been added to the list
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    They are the only 22 people in the House that don't have to worry about the next election. Everyone else? They can worry if they want, but it won't save them.
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