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    From FreeKibble daily trivia. This isn't a slam at Petco, but a warning to check beforehand to see what type of grooming equipment a shop uses to dry the pet. I always wondered about my Blue dog, who suffered epilepsy for 10 of his 12 years. It started right after I had him bathed by a woman who did grooming in her home. I always suspected she used some flea repellant product that triggered his first epileptic seizure which occured the day following the grooming. He was terrified when I picked him up. I'm sure it was a coincidence, but I'll never know. I never, ever left him alone with a groomer after that. Everything was done by me. (He only went because I took him along with my keeshund, who did need some grooming).

    Has anyone on the board had any unfortunate experiences with their pets after a grooming session at Petco or any other place?
    Woman Sues Petco After Wrongful Death of Pet

    by Jo Singer

    Flickr User basykes

    A woman has sued Petco after the wrongful death of her pet in a grooming accident.

    There are a huge number of responsible [COLOR=#006400 !important][COLOR=#006400 !important]pet [COLOR=#006400 !important]grooming[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] services throughout the country. These groomers not only take great pride in their profession, but they work very hard to maintain their excellent reputations. It is apparent they love taking care and beautifying their furry clients.

    So I was quite disturbed the other day, when I ran across an article on about California resident, Teresa Gilland, who is suing [COLOR=#006400 !important][COLOR=#006400 !important]Petco[/COLOR][/COLOR] after Sadie, her beloved Lhasa Apso, had to be euthanized following the tragic aftermath of a monthly grooming session at the store in Fair Oaks.

    Sadie suffered heat stroke, burns, and internal bleeding while she was in a dryer cage that Petco groomers use. And even though she was rushed to the [COLOR=#006400 !important][COLOR=#006400 !important]veterinary[/COLOR][/COLOR] office later that evening, sadly she had to be euthanized due to the extensive injuries she received during the drying process.

    "I couldn't have known,” Gillant said. “It never occurred to me that they were putting her in that kennel. It's nothing you can see . . . it's not out there for the public to see. It's an enclosed kennel, and they blow hot air in there."

    It's been three years since Sadie died and Gilland has searched for two years to find an attorney who would take her case. This court case is the first of its kind in the United States. Fortunately, Gilland has the report in her possession written by the veterinarian who treated Sadie which documented that she had suffered “internal burn injuries and bleeding caused by heat."

    Apparently there has been quite a controversy concerning cage dryers. Gilland is also trying to get cage driers banned, and strongly suggests groomers who are using them should be mandated to post cautionary warnings about them for their customers.
    In regard to Sadie’s death, Petco issued the following statement:
    “We've been aware of Sadie's story since it happened three years ago. We can't comment on the case, as it's currently in litigation, but it was a tragic loss and we take all issues of pet safety very seriously. Over the last few years, we've made a number of improvements in the grooming equipment we use and we are always seeking to improve our existing safety practices. One of those improvements is that we no longer use heat of any kind in the drying process in our grooming salons.”

    Of course Sadie made the ultimate sacrifice in helping to prevent the needless death of any other animals. I do hope that Gilland can take some small comfort knowing that Petco is taking the necessary action to further ensure the safety of the [COLOR=#006400 !important][COLOR=#006400 !important]pets[/COLOR][/COLOR] they “pamper” while they are being groomed.

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

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    Poor dog.

    A regular-sized bathtub and a shower massage works for my dog. She hates it, but it's pretty safe.

    My mom has little dogs, and she takes them to the vet for grooming-it's one of the services they offer at that office.
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