The Sokoke cat, or the Khadzonzo, is a rare breed from Kenya.
The word Khadzonzos translates into “looks like tree bark,” referencing the distinctive coloring and pattern of the Sokoke cat.
The first litter of Sokoke cats was brought to the United States in 1999.
They are long-legged and medium bodied. Sokokes' personalities are affectionate and they tend to be extremely loyal to one person in particular.
These active and intelligent cats love playing. The breed does not mind being left alone because it finds ways to entertain itself. It is also the ideal breed for families with kids or other pets, since Sokoke cats tend to get along with anyone.
-Kara Krushel

From today's Pet Trivia from the "Play freekiblle" link at the top of the forum. I had never heard of this cat, sounds interesting.