Things are a bit less comfy down here in sunny Florida. This is my 6th colonoscopy and/or endoscopy. The previous ones were in hospitals in St Louis. They were typical hospital settings.

Today's festivities were at an endoscopy center. It reminded me of a strip mall, an old strip mall. The furnishings in the waiting room were sparse and the decor very dated. That should have tipped me off of what was to come.

They had me hop up myself on a stretcher and change clothes while sitting on the stretcher. They took me into a very small room, not the big surgical suite that I was accustomed to. They didn't transfer me to any kind of operating table, just stayed on the gurney.

I came out OK, or at least think it's alright. But the after care was kind of surprising. I stayed on the same stretcher, didn't keep me there long. Previously, after waking up the nurses would guide the patients to a nice recliner, so you wouldn't be laying flat. They would give you more time to wake up, offer juice and a cookie, then give more time. When they thought you were ok, the female nurse would help getting dressed in case you were still unsteady on your feet.

Here in primitive Sarasota, they had me hop off the stretcher (I almost fell), sit on an uncomfortable chair, and handed me the clothes. It was a do it yourself project. Within less than 45 minutes of starting the procedure, they had me walk out, no wheelchair, no assistance. I felt like I was going to faint.

I'm surprised they didn't have me do my own endoscopy and stick it down my throat and then up the rear myself. Oh, well, it's Florida, what can I say?