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    As her time dwindles, faithful hound a key part of shared moments

    I've come to realize that a pivotal portion of my family's history will be remembered not as a span of years but as an era in which we shared our lives with a rusty-orange and white hound named Daisy.

    Daisy is at least 12 rescued from the pound at a ballpark age of 4 months and she's nearing the end of her life. I know this not because she's facing any fatal diagnosis, but simply because she's my dog. We have walked countless miles, she has dealt patiently and protectively with my two children and she has leaped into our bed and trembled during more thunderstorms than I care to remember.

    You spend enough time around any living thing, you know when something's wrong.

    - snip -

    In that moment of reflection it struck me that many maybe even most families' lives are chaptered out by the lives of their faithful pets.

    More at LINK
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    Yes...when I turned 22, I bought my first condo and moved out of my parents home. I was lonely, so I decided to get a pet. I never thought I liked cats, but my building didn't allow I asked my brother to come with me to find a kitten. I went to a petstore and got MY first kitten, a calico I named Tiffany.
    She was my one and only pet for 10 years until I moved to Miami and adopted another kitten.

    Tiffany died at the age of 17. She knew all my secrets, knew when I was sad and comforted me...I confided in her a lot.....Pets are so important to our emotional psyches. I will never be without one.

    Growing up, my family had beagles...when little Hawk gets older..I will probably adopt a beagle puppy for us...

    I just hope they do well with cats.
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    I was about to post this. A friend who lives in Chicago sent me the link from the Tribune. What a nice story.

    Dogs do mark passages in our life and sometime confront us with the brevity of life. We literally see them getting older on an accelerated schedule. Despite the pain of losing them, the joy and privilege of having them in our lives makes that loss bearable.

    My first (and ony) dog as a kid was a beagle named Buster. I loved that dog, but my dad got sick and my mom gave him away. I was broken hearted, worried about my dad and crushed by losing my pup.

    My schauzers marked a time when my sons were little kids, then we transitioned to larger dogs (Norwegian elkhounds) as the sons were teenagers. After the kids left home, this empty nester started in greyhound adoption.

    Blue was my beloved grey with epilepsy who didn't like most people, was afraid of them. He loved SR from the moment he met him. He didn't run away, in fact jumped into SR's lap when he sat on the couch in the family room. Now we no longer have our Blue, so Xena and Darlene have become a dedicated pair of hounds. Who knows what else life has in store? But we know that we will always have dogs.

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

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    Nicholson came to us when we were married, 21 years ago. It was always Me, and Her, and Nick, almost like it was one word.

    He died at the age of 16. His ashes sit in a tiny coffin in our bedroom.:(
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    "I have had me a bunch of different dogs. Because you do keep getting a new dog don't you? You just keep getting one dog right after another. That's the whole secret of life. a series of dogs." ~ George Carlin
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    My dog is 13 and my cat is 15. I know I will not have either of them for that much longer, but they both still are in good shape and have a high quality of life. My dog still runs around the yard and chases squirrels. Her back legs are stiff and she farts a lot, but she is happy.

    My cat can't jump up on my shelving anymore, so my glass objects are safely displayed now, instead of being packed away. She can still get on the counters, though. She still scratches at me, the dog and the furniture, though.

    Both are rescues-my dog came from MHS, and I found my cat on Livernois AVE.
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