As her time dwindles, faithful hound a key part of shared moments

I've come to realize that a pivotal portion of my family's history will be remembered not as a span of years but as an era in which we shared our lives with a rusty-orange and white hound named Daisy.

Daisy is at least 12 — rescued from the pound at a ballpark age of 4 months — and she's nearing the end of her life. I know this not because she's facing any fatal diagnosis, but simply because she's my dog. We have walked countless miles, she has dealt patiently and protectively with my two children and she has leaped into our bed and trembled during more thunderstorms than I care to remember.

You spend enough time around any living thing, you know when something's wrong.

- snip -

In that moment of reflection it struck me that many — maybe even most — families' lives are chaptered out by the lives of their faithful pets.

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