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    QC ...

    You are adorable. Thanks for the input.

    Was only joking, got a kick out of the names of the shops. :D

    Could be interested however, in cigarette pants (presume it means "slim") and the capris, ... as yes, I still wear them. In the old days we called capris ... clam diggers, and pedal pushers.

    Same thing, updated in name only!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintLouieWoman View Post
    Do you shop any of the consignment shops? My niece has always been very fashionable since she was just a teen, and got some very nice vintage clothes in some of the consignment shops in the "trendy" areas.

    I've actually gotten some of my stuff in the consignment shop where I unload my unwanted stuff. I got a couple really nice, different, Vera Bradley purses. One actually is for a laptop and will be good for travel. I got them for a fraction of their retail prices.

    I also got some beautiful jewelry pieces there. Some of the wealthy women of Sarasota bring their discards there. One real silver and a grey onyx (or something like it) necklace was a steal at $23. I've gotten way more compliments on it than more expensive stuff that I have.
    Most people in Miami don't have the same tastes, so the consignment shops have been a wash. I may try Out Of The Closet for tops and stuff, but they're not reliable. I may also give Plato's Closet a shot. But it's not going to reap much. :p

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    I'm all Eileen Fisher, all the time. Great quality, and everything goes with everything. As of this summer, they have SHOES, too. :)
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