Recent events would appear to confirm the predictions of old men in the late 1960's, that integration would lead to all manner of unbridled criminality by black people.

Looking deeper though, at social patterns, we know that even if a certain behavior appears to be exclusively or majority black, or latino, or poor, or this or that, that these behaviors are almost like fashions which spread to other segments of society and cease to be defined by the ethnic group which was originally defined by it.

Specifically as it pertains to certain types of criminal or antisocial behavior, we see this spreading not simply to lower class white males which we might identify as Eminem lookalikes, or wiggers, or thug wannabes, but up and down the economic and social ladder we are seeing more and more anti-social behavior in groups which have never been more closely associated with the ghetto than you or I.

And it's not gay marriage or abortion driving this. So why are politicians talking so much about gay marriage and abortion? Because they are afraid to talk about true cultural dysfunction of the variety which manifests in ethnicity, economics, geography, or generational influences like bad parenting, divorce fallout, and the societal rejection of false morality in favor of none at all.