Protest planned in Fullerton for Kelly Thomas (9am Fullerton P.D.)

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Protests are planned Saturday morning in Fullerton, where a homeless man died after a violent police confrontation. ~~~
~~~Some are calling for Fullerton's Police Chief Michael Sellers to step down over the department's handling of Thomas' death. The officers involved in the incident are reportedly receiving death threats. Ron Thomas said the officers who beat his son should be tried for murder and receive the death penalty. The names of the six officers involved were made public on a Fullerton-based blog. Some of those officers have reportedly moved into motel rooms for anonymity.
People who knew Kelly Thomas and those who never met the 37-year-old homeless man were united by their demands for justice and their disgust with the Fullerton Police Department.....A candlelight vigil was held Friday at the bus depot where the incident occurred July 5. At the time, police suspected Thomas of burglarizing cars.

When six officers responded to the transit hub, they said Thomas ran and resisted arrest. The district attorney's office is reviewing video of the incident - two tapes shot by witnesses and another from a police surveillance camera at the bus stop. Charges have not been filed at this time.

"These are animals who did this to this man. No human would ever do something like this to another human. They killed my friend," said Thomas' friend William Acosta.

A very graphic photo of Thomas has been circulating on the Internet and has sparked outrage in the community.....The photo, which shows Thomas' face bruised and bloodied almost beyond recognition, was taken by his father, Ron Thomas, shortly after the beating.
Police beat schizophrenic man to death; Offer to pay off father.

I won't link to an article with photos of the guy in the hospital, but this relatively young, homeless schizophrenic man was beaten to death by 6 police in the street. Bystanders took video and observed him screaming "Dad! Dad! Help me!" The video of it just breaks your heart.

It seems like time and again we hear these stories, not just of brutal cops who degenerate into a mob, but law enforcement not trained to deal with mental illness.
According to Ron Thomas, a "band of rogue cops that were thinking they're above the law ... took it on their own hands under color of authority, and brutally beat my son to death."

Thomas said fighting for his son is "what he'd want me to do. It's taken a heavy toll on me but I can't stop. We need to prevail."

Thomas claims an attorney representing the city came forward with a settlement offer. "The city's now denying it (but) I do have the printed document of the entire offer -- $900,000 to just walk away from it. Of course, it's irrevocable. Once you sign it the city's off completely. No more liability.

Kelly Thomas, 37, homeless, schizophrenic, 140 lbs. beaten beyond recognition by a reported 6 Fullerton Policemen dies. Kelly's father an Orange County CA. sheriff and martial arts master.


This is of that homeless man, right? His father is an ex cop... >_>


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Father probably didn't give a !@#$ about his son (that's prly why he was homeless) and is happy to see such a lucrative settlement.
Don't be stupid.

He's devastated and he turned the offer down, cold.

His son was schizophrenic. Clearly you have no idea how difficult it is to watch over a grown man who has this problem. They tell you repeatedly "oh I feel fine, I don't need these meds" and sometimes it just never sinks in that they feel fine at the time, because of the meds. You can't force them to get on meds unless they threaten people with bodily harm, and it's an ongoing problem for their entire life.

That's the problem this father had. You certainly can't even imagine all the time and effort this man probably sunk into trying to help his son.