By Robin of Berkeley

A madman a continent away in Norway mows down almost 100 innocent people in cold blood. The shooter, Andrers Breivik, grew up a child of divorce, estranged from his father, in a liberal home in a liberal country.
And yet when the press starts pointing fingers, guess which direction they point. Do they gesture leftward, towards a liberal culture that belittles family and religion? Is atheist Europe the culprit for spawning a homicidal maniac? On the contrary...the media chooses the Usual Suspects, that vast right-wing conspiracy.
This is no surprise. Last year, the actions of a lone shooter in Arizona were twisted and distorted to indict conservatives. Jared Loughner, a devil-worshiping fan of the Communist Manifesto, somehow became linked to Sarah Palin and Rush.
And yet which is the political movement more aligned with violence? I offer this pop quiz to test your political IQ.
Question one: Which movement is the offspring of communism, which, as you may recall, led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people last century?
a. The left, or
b. The right?
Question two: Who popularized the phrase, "Through any means necessary"?
a. Malcolm X, or
b. George Will?
Next: Which political group bombed ROTC buildings, police stations, and courthouses in the '60s, murdering and maiming officers and other innocent people? Was it:
a. The Weather Underground, or
b. The Young Republicans?
Which '60s group kidnapped Patty Hearst, beating and raping her until she robotically committed crimes? Was it:
a. The far-left Symbionese Liberation Party, or
b. The Ayn Rand Society?
As for the spanking New Black Panthers, did they wield billy clubs at election sites in support of
a. Barack Obama, or
b. Mitt Romney?
The next question is a tough one.
The Unabomber, the environmentalist who tried to save the earth by rubbing out a bunch of people, had a well-read book in his shack. Was this book by:
a. Al Gore, or
b. William F. Buckley?
Another environmental activist, Ira Einhorn, was the mastermind behind Earth Day. Where is he currently residing?
a. In Hawaii, where he swims with the dolphins, or
b. In a federal penitentiary for beating his girlfriend to death and stuffing her body in a trunk.
And now for some bonus points, try your hand at this vexing question: Is it the left or the right that is aligned with radical Islam, with its burqua, genital mutilation, beheadings, and stoning?
Now, liberals will scoff at my little test, pointing out that the right has been violent as well. True, there have been violent conservatives, such as the lone gunman who murdered abortion doctor George Tiller. But as for creating mob terror and mayhem, and activating evil, the left has no close competition.
Liberals will insist: what about Timothy McVeigh? Isn't the Oslo bomber another example of that most threatening of creatures: the conservative, angry, white male? No, according to reporter Jayna Davis. Through extensive research, ignored by the mainstream media, Davis ties the Oklahoma City bombers to radical Islam, whom she calls the "Third Terrorist."
Given all of the evidence to the contrary, why are conservatives continually viewed as unhinged killers-in-the-making? Why, given that the ultimate demon, Hitler, headed the National Socialist Party, are conservatives continually targeted? And why, for God's sake, are conservatives now under fire for the actions of an evil man in Norway?
For one, it's politically expedient for the left to blame and shame the right. What else can they do? With the economy in free-fall, and nuns being groped at airports, liberals sure can't rest on their laurels.
And it's not hard to convince the gullible masses that conservatives are culpable whenever and wherever violence erupts. The left has done a spectacular job of brainwashing Americans to believe that conservatives are coarse and subhuman. Simply consult your nearby thesaurus for evidence: here are some synonyms for "conservative": reactionary, right-wing, redneck, unadventurous, rigid, intransigent, and square. And for "liberal": tolerant, unprejudiced, broad-minded, abundant, and generous. Oh, and of course, "progressive."
Since conservatives are the designated enemy, liberals don't blink an eye when the government, Soviet-style, tars opponents as "racist" and "Nazi." Even when Obama comports himself as a king, spending extravagantly and forcing legislation and executive orders down people's throats, this is no problem for liberals. They'll happily chuck the Constitution in order to suppress conservatives, that purported enemy within.
But there's a more profound explanation about why liberals embrace the delusion that conservatives are the enemy, not Ahmadinejad, not Chavez, not that home-grown terrorist down the block. It has to do with secularism, and how it strips people of ultimate truth.
Every human being has an innate knowledge deep inside that good exists -- but so does evil. Historically, people had turned to their Bibles, and churches, and synagogues for lessons on how to escape evil's clutches.
But postmodernism teaches that there is no good or evil, that we simply create our own reality. With man on center stage, God is optional and Satan is dead and gone.
Is it any wonder that people cling to all sorts of false teachings to braille themselves to safe ground; and that as they hunt for the true monster under the bed, they turn on each other? By weeding out the evildoers, they themselves do evil.
But they do not just do evil: they become evil itself. Whether it's in Norway or Madison, Wisconsin; whether it's a bombing in Bali or a mob attack in Atlanta, it's all the same process. It's people, insane with hatred and drunk with power, becoming precisely what they hate.
And in the process, they aid and abet the Enemy, the real one, who is not dead at all, but is alive and well and living abundantly off of those who have turned their backs on God. And of this most deadly foe, everyone, of every color and stripe, should be exceedingly afraid.