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  1. #1 AGW alarmist changes his mind: oh dear 
    H/t Andrew Bolt

    Professional alarmist Tim Flannery in 1996 warned that global warming would drown beachfront houses eight storeys high (see from 4:23):

    Anyone with a coastal view from their bedroom window, or their kitchen window, or whereever, is likely to lose their house as a result of that change, so anywhere, any coastal cities, coastal areas, are in grave danger.

    But the very next year he bought a house just four or five metres from the edge of the tidal waters around the Hawkesbury estuary:

    According to property searches, in 1997 Professor Flannery bought one house on the Hawkesbury with his wife, Alexandra Leigh Szalay, for $274,000.

    Five years later—even as climate scientists, including Professor Flannery, claimed evidence of global warming and rising sea levels was even more solid—the couple bought the property next door, for $505,000.
    and now?

    For a week, Professor Flannery declined to speak to journalists about his properties, but he broke his silence yesterday to tell The Weekend Australian that while waterfront property generally was at risk, his little bit of paradise was secure for his lifetime.

    ”There is no chance of it being inundated, short of a collapse of the Greenland Ice Shelf,” Professor Flannery said.
    Guess all that money helped him make up his mind to buy all that property

    And now this

    Scientists say current concerns over a tipping point in the disappearance of Arctic sea ice may be misplaced.

    Here is a list of all of Flannery's predictions..none of which are true and none of which have any basis in reality

    And we are called "deniers" for not accepting all these Chicken Littles at face value. Gee I wonder why....
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    n 2005, Flannery predicted Sydney's dams could be dry in as little as two years because global warming was drying up the rains, leaving the city "facing extreme difficulties with water".

    Check Sydney's dam levels today: 73 per cent. Hmm. Not a good start
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