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    Mon Aug-08-11 03:08 PM
    Response to Reply #2
    10. +100... I was too poor to go to college rigt out of school so I got a job

    and saved up for 5 years, left my high paying job for an Americorps gig for a year so I would qualify for good finical aid and then went to college. Even with money in the bank, financial aid and scholarships it was damned hard to make it through college and considering the job market if I had had to work I would have been screwed.
    Where to even begin with the stupid on this one.
    Looks leik kollage did this DUmmy reel gud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madisonian View Post
    From the article...

    Kwame is such a scumbag. His parents always had money in his lifetime. He was never a poor college student by anyone's standard. He looks thinner after his incarceration, but I am hoping the federal corruption trial next year will get him a longer sentence.

    I never knew a Michigan college student could get food stamps unless it was a student with a kid or kids. Or, if their parents received them and maybe gave them a few.
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    Living expenses are part of the cost you have to plan for to go to school, it's not the government's job to take care of you for making the choice to go to school instead of straight into the workforce. Sure is some TS for the normal run of anecdotal sob stories that inevitably get the press attention, but they should have thougth of how they were gonna eat for the year when they registered for classes. "Your lack of planning and diligence does not amount to my emergency situation."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan D. Doty View Post
    Reminds of the worthless drunks around here ... can't afford stuff for their kids ( food, clothes, doctor) , but always seem to have enough money for beer
    And cable. Don't forget cable.
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