Am I being a wet blanket?
Monica is my friend. She's a sweet otaku kid. She got a boyfriend. He's cute, and she's totes in love. She even tossed the idea of marriage out

He's Iranian, and his dad is an observant Muslim.

So I firmly told her to keep her feet on the ground and reminded her that ... bait and switch happens in ALL relationships once the ring goes on.

But in this case, this would be disastrous.

She knows I'm right- -

"but he has a black card!!"

"You'll be a living black card in time..."

"He bought me my favorite massage bar and gave me a back rub..."

"Bait and switch."

"Maybe I'll get a couple more shoes and another Burberry out of him."

It's like she knows I'm right on a cerebral level, but not on an emotional level.

But - - am I being a wet blanket? I didn't mention the word "shariah" or "honor killing". . .but she said my seriousness scared her.

Was I being too cautious?