I also have a amazing friend who has a heart of solid gold!
My problem is with someone she is seeing he has asked me many times to have sex with him and also makes "suggestions" that we meet for a little fun.It had also gotten to the point one time that she and I did not speak for six months.
I have tried to tell her as her best friend as well as my business partner that the guy is total scum that he puts her down. He uses and abuses her mentally so much to the point that he has her thinking she is worthless without him.
I do not know how to make her see the beautiful,amazing woman that I know she is and that she has so much to offer and that man is nothing but a rock around her neck.
I want also for her to know she will make it without him and that the next time he comes back to try and see her that she will have enough self worth that she can ignore his advances and that she can say f you.