August 11, 2011
Joey Porter

In the late 1970s a peanut farmer from Georgia was our President.

  • On Sunday morning he walked to church with a Bible under his arm to teach his Sunday school class at a Baptist church.
  • His brother hawked Billy Beer and his mother was attacked by a rabbit in a row boat. His wife conveyed the grace of southern gentility.
  • When the hostages were taken he burrowed into the White House never leaving the DC area. He did not want to be accused of not caring about our national crisis.
  • When the price of gas raised to the unbelievable cost of one dollar a gallon he championed coal gasification and shale oil projects to make us energy independent .
  • When he spoke of the spirit malaise in America we knew he was right. ( We also knew he was the source of much of the malaise)
  • When a rescue mission by our troops failed he notified our nation and he took his medicine as we took ours.

Now we have a community organizer as our President.
  • He seldom attends church and when he does it espouses black liberation theology.
  • His family uses Air Force One as a shuttle to one exotic vacation locale to the next. His wife preaches the virtues of fresh vegetables to children while noshing on burgers in private.
  • When the stock market tumbled and our bond rating was down graded he continued to attend fund raisers and play golf.
  • When the price of gas approached gas approached $4.00 he did nothing but continue to tie the hands of domestic energy producers.
  • When he spoke of shared sacrifice and evils of tax breaks for corporate jets. We simply just turned off the TV set.

Ah Yes ...President Jimmy Carter.... Our memories of him are getting fonder every day

Joey Porter

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If anyone should appreciate Obama, it's Jimmy Carter, who will now be remembered as the second worst president in American history.