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  1. #1 Israeli IDF looks to buy US equipment after withdrawal from Iraq 
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    The Defense Ministry is in talks with the Pentagon about the possibility of buying American military equipment that will be retired following the US withdrawal from Iraq. ....The IDF Ground Forces Command is looking to renew its aging fleet of Humvee combat vehicles with ones that the US will be phasing out as it reduces its troop numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Israel is also interested in acquiring surplus weapons and ammunition the US will no longer require following the withdrawals...“It seems that in some cases it is cheaper to sell to other countries than to transport back to the US or bases in Europe,” one defense official said.

    Other countries in the region may also try to buy some of the equipment, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which are both longtime customers of the US defense industries
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    Hell if they're wanting to buy...sell it to them.
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