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    Quote Originally Posted by fettpett View Post
    they've already started, Philly, Milwaukee, Madison...just to name 3
    If and when they move to Nashville, Dallas, and Gwinett County, it ought to be an interesting show.

    "You rich bastards don't deserve all this stuff, so we're going to take it from you!"
    "You didn't earn this."
    "Yeah? Well, well, well ... you didn't either! You exploited those people who got paid $20/hour to do stuff for you! Now get out of the way while I take that flat-screen."
    Olde-style, states' rights conservative. Ask if this concept confuses you.
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    I think another major difference is that Britain has strict anti-gun laws, so the rioters really have nothing to fear.

    A lot of Americans are armed to the teeth, so "get off my lawn" isn't a suggestion.

    That and if college kids/still-living-with-parents 30 year olds take to the street they will realize their mistake quickly for the following reasons:

    1. Rioting requires cardiovascular endurance.
    2. Rioting requires effort (if they were willing to put any effort into anything, they wouldn't have such a shitty life to begin with).
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    Yeah, American kids would only riot if it were an Xbox game.
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