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No. I never got fat from drinking Diet Coke. I got fat from eating too many Reese's Peanut Butter cups and not getting enough exercise.

I did quit the candy when I started exercising, and started eating more homemade sweets instead. I'm not dieting, though.

I'm down another size, since I added riding the bike and lifting some light weights at the gym (3 days or so a week) to my daily lap swimming.
Don't freak out, but getting fat is not the worst thing attributed to Diet Coke. Read about phosphoric acid and kidney disease. There is only one study, and it's not rock hard science, but the Mayo Clinic suggests that while the accusation against "dark sodas" isn't proven, it's not an essential food and erring on the side of caution might be in order.

Most sources recommend drinking clear sodas. I have started drinking Polar Seltzer waters. It comes in flavors and the neat thing is that when you drink one you are satisfied, you don't feel the need for a refill unless you are actually thirsty.