With most of the conservative presidential field in Iowa today, Eureka residents were surprised to find Sarah Palin touring the Eureka College The bus rolled up around 4:30 Saturday afternoon.
Getting off to tour the college campus that Ronald Reagan called home was Sarah Palin, her husband Todd, and her daughter Piper....With none of the security usually surrounding a major political figure, Palin greeted everyone she saw...Then it was time for a tour of the Ronald Reagan Museum in the college's Donald B. Cerf center.

The Palins looked at a roomful of Reagan memorabilia ,led by the college's Dr. Brian Sajko. Palin listened to stories of Reagan's college experience, and was visibly moved by a video of president Reagan hearing his college alma mater...After touring the Reagan Peace Garden, the former governor, accompanied by local congressman Aaron Schock, explained her visit.

"Ya know, I love Ronald Reagan. So anything that I can do to kind of get a sense of his foundation and what made him tick really, to me, is quite significant," said Palin.....After one admirer presented her with an engraved piece of the alaska pipeline that he had worked on, I asked her the question everyone wants the answer to: Will she be running for president?