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    The US Republican presidential primary race displayed a tilt to the right Sunday after conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the contest and Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann won a telling victory in an early poll.
    We cannot and must not endure four more years of rising unemployment, rising taxes, rising debt, rising energy dependence on nations that intend us harm," Perry said, as he announced his candidacy in South Carolina Saturday.

    Hours later, Bachmann, a favorite of the ultraconservative Tea Party movement, took first place in Iowa's Ames Straw Poll -- seen as a key indicator of who will fare well in early nominating contests next year.

    "This is the first step toward taking the White House in 2012," Bachmann told supporters. "We've just sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president."

    Perry/Bachmann 2012 or Bachmann/Perry 2012

    I'm excited at the possibility!...not Chrissy Matthews excited...but I'm hopeful. Might just be the winning ticket.

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    Intertrade has Perry in the lead for the nomination. Perry is at a bid of 36.6 compared to Romney's 30.2.

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    I'm going to keep an eye on Perry.

    He will be under major media scrutiny but he knows that and he'll be ready for it. The media will go over everything he's ever said and done with a fine toothed comb. I think he's solidified himself with social conservatives and the Tea Party. Criticism of things like his comments on Texas "seceding" from the union will inflame the usual liberal suspects but he'll explain it and it won't stick.

    Perry Bachman 2012 is possible.
    Hey careful man! There's a beverage here!

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