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  1. #1 Jury selection to begin in OJ Simpson robbery case 
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    Jury selection to begin in OJ Simpson robbery case

    LAS VEGAS - Nearly a year after O.J. Simpson walked into a casino hotel room intent on reclaiming some sports memorobilia, lawyers in his robbery-kidnapping trial are finally set to begin picking a jury.

    What figures to be a lengthy jury selection is scheduled to start Monday morning in a Nevada court for the fallen NFL star, actor and advertising pitchman, and his remaining co-defendant, Clarence "C.J" Stewart, a 54-year-old golfing buddy from North Las Vegas.

    Both men have pleaded not guilty to 12 charges stemming from a heated encounter last September with two sports collectibles dealers peddling Simpson memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel-casino.

    Simpson said last fall that he put his faith in the jury system and was confident of an acquittal — a conviction could put him away for life.

    "If I have any disappointment it's that I wish a jury was here," Simpson said in November, after a contentious four-day preliminary hearing in which prosecution witnesses were cast as opportunists, pimps, con artists and crooks out to make a buck off him.

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    If I were on the jury I'd convict him just for the hell of it. I'm hoping the jurors feel the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
    If I were on the jury I'd convict him just for the hell of it. I'm hoping the jurors feel the same way.
    I'm sure that's going to be one of the biggest problems facing the attorneys-finding jurors who don't feel that way.
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    This site really need a yawn smilie... Especially for OJ threads.
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