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  1. #1 What a Pisser! Gerard Depardieu Urinates on Plane 
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    Snakes on a plane sounds downright charming compared to this.

    French film icon Gérard Depardieu just couldn't hold it in any longer after his Air France flight from Paris to Dublin was delayed on Wednesday. So when he asked the flight crew if he could use la toilette and was told he'd have to hold it, he did what any self-important celebrity would do:

    He peed on the carpet. Really.

    The 62-year-old Depardieu reportedly told flight attendants from his seat, "Je veux pisser, je veux pisser" ("I have to pee"), according to French Radio station Europe 1, citing a passenger named Daniele who was an eyewitness to the incident.

    Unfortunately for his bladder, the Green Card star was told the restrooms were locked because the plane was on the tarmac.

    That didn't go over well with Depardieu , who unzipped his fly and relieved himself in front of shocked passengers.

    Not exactly first class, eh?

    "You could tell he'd been drinking," said an appalled Daniele.

    Following the incident, the jet returned to the gate and all 127 passengers were forced to disembarked. The flight was delayed another two hours while ground crew cleaned up the mess.
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    I dont blame him one bit, he asked to use the toilet and the refused, whats he supposed to do? piss his pants?
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    URine big trouble now!
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