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    When I read the title , I thought somenody was going to ask Obama to actually serve his term as a senator. Nope.

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    Barack Obama, do your job...
    Advertisements [?]Look dude, my wife has supported you for 4 years and I've been on board since I thought you had a reasonable shot at winning the nomination. We've given you lots of money, because, as a professional family, that's what we have time for and thought that's how we could help the most. Even then, we've contributed very LITTLE compared to the people that have poured their hearts, souls, and their last dollars into your campaign. Real, regular people have donated enormous amounts of time based on the promise that if we unite, believe, and work together, we really can change the world.

    Well, the corporate establishment doesn't want to change the world because the world as it is works for them. It's that simple. The other unfortunate part of that is that they own the mass media. Non amount of carping here on the netroots will compare to you, Joe, and the rest of the Dem leaders making the issues known and standing up to the RW machine.

    You've had McCain on the ropes for a while so he went for the cynical "base pick" and the female vote. It was really bad leadership, but might turn out to be smart politics. Palin, as an image or an archetype, resonates with a lot of people. The problem is that her record and personal choices show that she's big self-serving fake, phony, and flim-flam artist. She's a spokesmodel for extreme pro-oil, pro-corporate, and pro-fundamentalist views.

    Just calling her a "good politician" isn't enough. Trotting around and complementing her on her political skills, her motherhood, and her "compelling story" isn't good enough.

    In fact, I'm accusing you of not doing your job.

    Are you guys so afraid of women that you can't tell the truth about her?

    You need to get tough and tell the truth, over and over. You need to enlist every surrogate, man, woman and child to send her back to Alaska in a heap of pathetic and wilting shame for being such a liar, extremist, and hypocrite.

    We have less than 60 days to decide which way this country is heading.

    If you let the Right "define" McCain and Palin as "the original mavericks" and the "reformers" who offer "real change" you will lose.

    I don't care how high minded you want to be or want to seem, you can't let them get away with it.

    Change does come from the bottom up, however leadership comes from the top down.

    Every decent board and blog is saying the same thing: Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse full of lies, extremism, incompetence, and ignorance. We can scream all we want until we are blue in the face but we will still be the "looney left" until you, meaning the LEADER of our party, stands up viciously and vigorously to these assholes and validate our concerns.


    Do not be afraid of women. They aren't that stupid. Well, they aren't any more stupid or less stupid then men. However, don't overestimate the intelligence of the average American voter. People vote on hazy gut instincts, not on a careful weighing of the pros and the cons of bulleted policy positions. However, politically attacking a woman is not off limits. They can take it. The cool thing about it is that you don't have to do anything other than tell the truth, loudly and often with the moral courage and resolve that you expressed in your acceptance speech.

    Enough is enough!

    A lot of us are depending on you. It's great that you've tried to move politics in a positive direction but you can't fix 40 years of trixterism with one campaign. Right now is not the time to prove a point. Right now is time to win. You have fought valiantly and boldly at all odds. However, it's time to stick the knife in and twist it.

    I don't want to hear any more of this "good politician" mealy mouthed crap. I'm preparing to write one of my last two checks to your campaign, my September disbursement. Please don't make me waste my money and please don't let my children's future, and my daughters' reproductive freedom, slip into darkness.
    Your daughter's "reproductive freedom?" You mean her "right" to kill an unborn child after she acts irresponsibly don't you?
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    "The problem is that her record and personal choices show that she's big self-serving fake, phony, and flim-flam artist."

    No, see, you're thinking of Obama.
    For Obama to rely on the cheap, petty, and immoral personal attacks against Sarah Palin and her family the way the DUmp and the rest of the liberal blogosphere has been doing ever since she became McCain's running mate, as this DUer suggests he do, would quickly tarnish his own image and torpedo his campaign.
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