WATERBURY, Conn. (CBS Connecticut) – Firefighters are used to dealing with threats from smoke and flames, dangerous footing or beams falling from above. But Waterbury firefighters checking an abandoned building recently encountered a smaller – but potentially deadly hazard......Fleas.

Chief David Martin says Waterbury firefighters routinely check abandoned buildings for fire hazards, and when four fighters left after a check at 48 Taylor Street, they “didn’t realize until they came out and got back on the engine that they were literally coated in fleas.”

“One of the guys described it as they had thousands of them, crawling on them. “
But the chief adds that there is one thing he’s found in telling this particular story: “Most people, as you start to talk to them about it –you may feel it right now — they tend to start getting a little itchy, and feel like there’s something crawling on them, just from the conversation.”