Levi Johnston and Fat Girlfriend Arrive in St. Paul

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Oh FINE. She’s not fat, she’s just pregnant. Whatever, we’re just jealous. The Palin family — most importantly, let's face it, Bristol Palin and her baby Daddy Levi Johnson— recently arrived at the airport in St. Paul, where they were greeted by John and Cindy "Crazy Hair" McCain, etc. Levi was casually dressed in a sweater and pants that, while baggy, did little to disguise the splendor of his muscular teenage jailbait frame. Alas, ladies and gents, this one is, obviously, taken. The McCain campaign earlier announced that Levi and Bristol were planning on getting married, and the eagle-eyed biddies over at the Times Caucus blog have spotted a rock on young Bristol's porky (KIDDING!) pregnant finger!

She and Levi Johnston, the young man the campaign said that she plans to marry, stood holding hands in the line as Mr. McCain walked off his campaign plane. From across the tarmac, something seemed to be sparkling on a finger on her left hand.

So at this point, we're just throwing in our cards and wishing them well. With any luck, the Times will soon provide an update about the ring's color, cut, and clarity.
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