Thread: US rig count tops 2,000 first time in 23 years

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  1. #1 US rig count tops 2,000 first time in 23 years 
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    US rig count tops 2,000 first time in 23 years

    There were 2,031 rotary rigs working in the US the week ended Aug. 29, up 33 from the previous week and the first time the count has topped 2,000 since Mar. 8, 1985, when 2,011 units were drilling, Baker Hughes Inc. reported. This week's count is the largest since Mar. 1, 1985, when there were 2,143 rotary rigs working. The latest count is up from 1,829 during the same period a year ago. Land operations accounted for the bulk of this week's count, up by 34 to 1,938 active units. Offshore drilling increased by 2 rigs to 65 in the
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    ***I DEMAND they cease and desist. This is potentially devastating news to DIMolRATS and Liberals nation wide.:eek: They might even find oil and drive down gas prices. Terrible news for us miserable Defeatocrats.***
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