I've started watching Millionaire Matchmaker lately and they've been showing episodes filmed in New York for the past few weeks. Patty (the hostess/matchmaker) made an interesting observation yesterday. She spoke about the differences between LA women and NY women. According to her, LA women are more into their looks and are more feminine. They color their hair, do their nails and are more feminine than NY women. She described NY women to be more natural, theh keep their natural hair color, aren't too concerned about their looks, more into education than modeling...etc.

So being a NY woman(originally), I'd have to agree with her. I do color my hair, but keep it my natural color. I was more interested in academic scholarships than say sports. I didn't want to be a model or actress, but rather wanted to be successful. I do care about how I look, but it's not the highest on my list.
I don't always wear make up, I don't wear high heels (anymore)...I've been more focused in getting a career and being successful.

I think it's time for me to more girly...Are you girly?

Novaheart, you can chime in too...