When we moved to Florida, I noticed a difference in the way the physicians handle medical records. I always got copies of the results of any tests that were taken by the docs in St Louis, including lab results from blood tests. It has really helped, as there seems to be continuous problems with complete medical records sent.

Have gone to two specialists in the last few weeks. The med records sent to the first internal medicine person (who I dropped) have not been sent to the current doc. One or the other of them has somehow misplaced all my records or just won't bother looking at the file. It's been a lifesaver (at least saved me retaking tests) that I had my own copies and gave a copy to the new docs.

The medical reports in Florida seem to be closely guarded. No one has given me any written report, no copies. I'm getting a complex, as SR's doctors have, upon request for the insurance company. Otherwise he wouldn't have gotten them either.

In other parts of the country, do your docs give you written reports that you can keep? In this age where so many of us move, you'd think they would do that.