I've been fuming for a couple days about a stupid prescription for a new version of Prilosec/Prevacid for acid indigestion. A new doc prescribed it for me. To be sure I called the mail order pharmacy to check the copay. They said it was zero. The bill said $200. I've been arguing for a couple days about it, but you can't beat the stinking insurance companies. :mad:

But my spirits lifted today. SR had some stuff to mail, so we went to the tiny post office in the Amish area of town. We stopped at Yoder's, my favorite deli and fruit/veggie place. I was thrilled, I tell you, thrilled. :D

They're taking a vacation, so had to get rid of all their stuff. I had been swinging the ban hammer today on the mini-horde of spammers so got a late start. SR is more prompt than I am, but couldn't resist rubbing it in that sometimes the procrastinators win.

EVERYTHING WAS HALF OFF. They're reasonable to begin with, but half off. Yay.

I got about 4 or 5 bags of fruits and veggies (including a dozen jumbo eggs) for a little over $11. I even got 2 kinds of cabbage and will try some of Nova's cabbage suggestions in one of our health threads. We'll be healthy and not quite as broke.

Now if I can just figure out how to save the other $188 that was blown on that prescription. :D

Who else loves, loves, loves a bargain?