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    Rick Perry once tried to get out of a speeding ticket.......Rick Perry once owned stock in a chain of video stores competing against Blockbuster, some of which also rented adult movies....Rick Perry once was a Democrat.......The attacks have come fast and furious against him..... But most of the attacks take on a peculiar and very telling strain...

    ...Rick Perry may be too Texas or shoot from the hip too much and might turn off necessary independent voters and women.”.....It sounds so serious.
    ..As Alex Castellanos said on CNN the other night on John King USA, some fear Rick Perry might have “Mad Cowboy Disease.”......Let me sum this all up for you into what Rick Perry’s biggest problem is.
    There are scores and scores of Republican consultants who have scores to settle with Rick Perry and his team. And for guys like Karl Rove, if Perry were to win the White House, Karl and a few others would see themselves shut out of White House business for at least four years......Rick Perry may be the only guy in America to have beaten both Karl Rove and also Obama’s own consultant, David Axelrod.

    So there’s a lot of score settling in a lot of the attacks.

    Next time you hear some Republican consultant say Rick Perry can’t win because he is too much of a cowboy, understand that it is probably a national Republican consultant fearful they will be shut out of work if Perry wins...... and, more importantly, understand that

    The same dynamics were in place in 1980 .......with Reagan’s “boys from California” team of consultants and the national consultants back them ...They said the same about Reagan ...... he’s too much of a cowboy conservative who will alienate key voting blocks.........That’s not to say Perry is Reagan

    .... It is to say the GOP national consultants have been pulling the same stuff since 1980.....
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    The eastern establishment Repubs fear Perry as much as Obama. Perry will get the same treatment that Palin and Bachman got. If you are not an Ivy Leaguer with the Manhattan or RINO DNA, you are not in the right click. In other words, Perry being an outsider may turn DC upside down on it's heels upsetting the apple cart where things like earmarks and spending increases are prevalent and warranted.
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