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    Quote Originally Posted by RobJohnson View Post
    Everyone wants quick results...those usually result in the quick return of the pounds... :D
    Except when doing the anibolic diet....
    One does not greet death when he knocks at your door.

    Nay you repeatedly punch him in the throat as he slowly drags you away.
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    I have lost some weight recently by cutting out crap things like sugary soda, and by not snacking very much. I returned to martial arts training a few months ago also, after three years out. It was pretty hard to get back into it, but now it's part of life again, and I really like it. I have lost just under 20 pounds in the past few months, and have 45 to go to get to my ideal fighting weight. Lose fat, add muscle. The more muscle you have, the faster you burn fat, too.

    I still eat ribs sometimes, and even a slice of pie once in a while, and my whole plan involves just eating stuff you can find at any grocery store without hitting the weird section, cause then it can't last.
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