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  1. #1 What's the "huge problem?" 
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    Liberal_in_LA (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-22-11 09:02 PM
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    Undocumented immigrants face checks on Amtrak, Greyhound

    Undocumented immigrants face checks on Amtrak, Greyhound

    Federal agents appear to have stepped up checks for undocumented immigrants on public transportation, including Greyhound buses and Amtrak. The feds say they have the authority to check any public area.

    As a Greyhound bus prepared to leave a small town near Atlanta, 19-year-old Azucena headed to the window seat on the last row , on her way to Miami to start school and a new life.

    She propped a pillow against the glass and drifted off to sleep as the bus glided down the highway toward South Florida.

    Around 5 a.m., Azucena, who does not want her last name used, woke up when the bus driver pulled up to the Pompano Beach bus station—one stop before her final destination.

    Three U.S. Border Patrol agents boarded, announcing they would be checking IDs. She lifted her head to see one agent walking directly toward her.

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    1. Also on the ferries to and from Catalina Island, which has presented a huge problem

    for the large Mexican immigrant population.
    (Bolding mine)

    Uh, OK, so what's the "huge problem?" If they're LEGAL immigrants then they show their ID and all is good.

    Don't know about anybody else but if I'd gone through the hassle and expense to come to the US legally then I'd be more than happy to see ILLEGAL immigrants deported.
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    They use the words " undocumented immigrants " to make them sound like poor innocent victims instead of illegal aliens; Orwellian double-speak at its best. Americans have always been a welcoming people, just knock on the door and most likely we'll let you in. But what we don't like someone crawling through the basement window, and when they are caught and about to be thrown out, scream " you can't do this, I'm guest ".

    The thing is the Moonbats are too stupid/crazy to know the difference between the two types of people.

    So next time someone breaks a Moonbats house, they should treat their non-invited guest as company :D
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