Who here has had cortisone shots? I had two for injuries to the rotator cuff a couple years ago when my Blue pulled so hard that he really injured the rotator cuff. Between the shots and physical therapy, never needed surgery.

Today had my final exam with the orthopedic surgery before the knee surgery. He told me my knee was "really bad". It hardly bends, almost have to walk stiff legged on the one side. He said to keep me going til the surgery he'd give me a cortisone shot.

I'm just wondering how long it takes for it to really kick in? I'm starting to feel better, not as much muscle pain. He said that's a consequence of the knee being in such terrible shape and the way I'm walking to accomodate it.

I had one last December and remember it helped, but with all the other stuff going on in our lives, the memory is a tad fuzzy.

Would appreciate any feedback from anyone with knowledge of or experience with those shots. :)