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  1. #1 Where is Hurricane Irene, Now? 
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    How CLOSE is / has Hurricane Irene hit the east coastline and where is she now?

    Irene's eye is several hundred miles off of the coast of South Caroline. First land fall will likely be in North Carolina. Here is a satellite image showing the location in relation to the east coast.

    Visible satellite image:

    Infrared Satellite image:

    Projected paths based on today's 12z model runs:…

    Everyone on the East coast is encouraged, asked, even PLEADED to "tie onto" Irene to THROW her toward Texas, where the drought is still drying out everything. 43 years of this is too much to tolerate with the century-high temps.
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    I wonder what the "Surfer Dude" body count will be from Irene??

    I thought I heard there was 1 already.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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