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  1. #1 D.C., MD, VA, "Residents have to show ID to receive the sandbags" (but not to vote) 
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    Power outages likely for several days, Pepco says A tropical storm warning was issued for Washington, D.C. District residents can pick up sandbags (up to five per household) at the D.C. Department of Public Works at New Jersey Avenue and K Street Southeast....... Residents have to show their D.C. ID to receive the sandbags, which weigh between 40 lbs. and 50 lbs.......... People lined up to receive sandbags starting Friday at noon........... Two truckloads of sandbags were all given out in Old Town in 10 minutes. By 5 p.m., the department had passed out all of its 7,000 bags. It...
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    Up to 5 sand bags per household? You have to be kidding me, what the hell do they expect to do with 5 friggin sand bags? Better to just pack your stuff to the highest level of the house and get the hell out of town. All they are doing with 5 sand bags is pissing into the wind.
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