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    Social Security - privatise and make a profit for those saving for their retirement. As it stands the Obongo has screwed that well and truly

    Medicare - will still be funded. Doesnt change. Stopping ILLEGALS from using it is a good idea.

    Universal Heath-care - Like that was ever going to work? As has been said,the Bill itself was Unconstitutonal.

    The EPA- has been the subject of many abuses and needs to be scaled back to do the job they are meant to do, not become a political weapon.

    Medical Research - Ah yes, this again, the old claim re embryonic stem cell research. The government funding was removed because it had produced ZERO results. Not throwing government money away on something that was worth nothing seems clear cut to me. Private researchers were free to continue, just that they were no longer at the taxpayers trough. Again, clear cut.

    Public Schools/Higher Education: Seeing as how the current system is worshipping at the feet of the Gorebecile, that the teachers unions are damaging the very cause they claim to defend, that so far their levels of education and broad curriculum are an abject failure, someone needs to step up and fix it.

    Obummer has screwed this up as well.

    Government Intervention in National Disasters - How about the states do their own planning and preparation, and actually WORK to ensure that they are able to look after their own citizens? Nagin was and is a moron, the planning for Katrina was non existent, the response was them sitting there with their thumbs up their asses waiting to be rescued.

    To this day New Orleans STILL does not have a planned and fully implemented system. The same mistakes over and over again. The states have their responsibilities to ensure that they make the necessary resources and equiopment available, and that is THEIR job, not the Federal Government.

    Novaheart, I invite you one day to come here, and will show you planning to a fare thee well, down to the local level. There is NOT ONE contingency we have not planned for and are not prepared for, and when the disaster hits, we activate THE PLAN, and it works a treat. Down to the local suburb level, we can, at a moments notice, activate and implement an evacuation of ANY area, anytime, anywhere. We all know our jobs and we know what to do and when to do it

    Medical supplies.
    Aerial support.
    Command and communications.

    If we can do that...why can't you?

    Civil Rights: As I seem to recall the DEMOCRATS opposed the Civil rights bill, and I may also add that the man who set the dogs on Dr King was a DEMOCRAT.


    Women's Rights: Covered in the Constitution, they have suffrage and all the benefits of being a citizen. Don't see any Republican stepping up and trying to end it. Mind you, the liberal mindset being what it is, you get a farce like this that drives the message home that you lot dont even THINK about what you are "protesting"

    or this

    More proof that the public school education system needs a drastic overhaul

    Gay Rights: They have all the rights as others do. Gay marriage? Is a political football and a wedge issue used to make them "victims" - and a victim mentality is ultimately self defeating.

    No one has any issue with gay rights or gay people (except maybe MegaMoron), what we and others object to is having that agenda shoved in our faces. I agree that issues need to be debated and discussed properly, and they, in a free society, have their place. I don't care about what they do, all i care about is when their demands are shoved onto others with epithets if they dont kowtow and obey.

    Less militancy, less demands,. and more respect for the people they are demanding respect from.


    Union/Worker's Rights: They have them and more. Your point is?

    FEMA: Well seeing as they are so bloated and are more a bureaucracy now than they were twenty years ago, they need an overhaul to get them back to what they are supposed to be - an emergency response unit.

    A National Weather Service: Having one that reports the weather and doesnt try to make policy re a non existent problem (glowbull warming), no problem here.
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