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  1. #1 On MSNBC they are covering how this storm behaved in 
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    Nadin and Weather Super Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nadinbrzezinski (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-28-11 04:39 PM
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    On MSNBC they are covering how this storm behaved in a different way than they expected with a very large wind field. This is why this storm fits the PATTERN for global weather change. (Of course!!!!) We have MORE energy in the atmosphere... and they were also discussing how we may need to revise the category... of course for us interested in the science this is fascinating. For those not.. carry on.
    I'm very interested in science, just not her Agenda Driven kind...
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    I guess we can expect another visit from Hootie!:eek:
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    I kind of wish I could watch this. I'd love to see their explanation for it.
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    A couple of days ago nadin was lamenting how huge and destructive it was going to be - because of global warming of course. What a maroon.
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