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  1. #1 Construction Company Pays Workers with Bad Checks

    Carole Johnson Builders, LLC, wins "Most Dispicable Employer" Award at a recent dinner of the Houston Interfaith Worker Justice Center. The award was presented after being selected from a field of three companies who had abused employees.

    ConstructionCitizen reports the company received the award after not only cheating its workers out of over three weeks of wages, but also for creating an unsafe work environment where drinking water was not available and safety equipment was not in use.

    Companies like Carole Johnson Builders, LLC bring disgrace to the construction industry and reflect negatively on our conservative values of ethical business practices. Conservatives need to stand up against unscrupulous companies who seek to gain an unfair competitive advantage by stealing from workers and misclassifying employees as contractors.

    Do you have any stories like this?
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    my dad worked for a company like that. they kept worrying whether their checks would bounce or not...fortunately he left before the guy shut down completely
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    Does anyone else have stories like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgtxpride View Post
    Does anyone else have stories like this?
    Are you writing a paper or turning in stories to a union? Just wondering.

    I know of employees where I've worked who stole from the company by selling a piece of equipment, getting paid in advance for numerous placements, then having the customers have the stuff picked up and swearing that they never signed any paperwork or wrote a check. The employees in question quit as soon as they cashed the commission checks and before the company became aware of the problem. So it works both ways.

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