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I don't think Bush is running for a 3rd term. So let's compare apples and apples. Or better yet, McCain vs dumb ass Obama. Do we want a President that is so fucking stupid that miss-states that he has traveled to 57 States? Dan Q. put an E on potato and the press still crucifies him to this day. WTF, is that all about when Obama has so many gaffs in such a short period of time. Answer, the media does not apply the same standards to democrats and especially black democrats. For comparison, Delay (R) vs Jefferson (D).
Get used to the "McBush" reference, because that is the single way McCain is going to get the hesitant folk that voted twice for GWB, to go to the poles, holding their nose or not. His policies, to a certain extent, will have to mirror his predecessor’s - especially when it comes to the two shooting wars we’re engaged in as a nation.

Mr. V.P. Dan was, in all honesty, what the Valley Kids in the 80's used to refer to as a ‘Maxo-Zoom-Dweebie’ and couldn’t find his own ass with a funnel and a pack of hunting dogs. You know it, the press knew it, everyone knew it and that wasn’t any different than the little freak of your average school room getting picked on. He was so odd I wouldn’t have been surprised to see antennae pop up from the back of his scull.

Obama has to be defeated on his "Peace-at any cost" stance. Expose the projected cost of everything he’s promised and proposed and end the speech or final statement of every debate with the latest cost figure and a running total of what this very nice and very naďve gentlemen has to "give" the American people and the hot air will escape out of his "Peace Train 2.0" balloon at a staggering rate.

Well, that and keep John alive.;)