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    Palestinian protest at Royal Albert Hall forces BBC to abandon live broadcast

    Up to 30 pro-Palestinian demonstrators were ejected from the Royal Albert Hall after attempting to drown out the orchestra.......They shouted anti-Israel statements throughout the concert, leading to clashes with members of the audience who wanted to hear the music. Witnesses reported seeing a fight break out.

    Different groups of protesters stood up to chant at the start of each of the four pieces of the evening, meaning that fresh people had to be ejected each time.....Radio 3 broadcast the first piece, which lasted about seven minutes, including the protests.......When the protesters started again at the start of the second, the broadcast was halted and a recording of a different orchestra playing the same music was played instead.


    Prom is short for promenade concert, a term which originally referred to outdoor concerts in London's pleasure gardens, where the audience was free to stroll around while the orchestra was playing.

    Leonard Slatkin Conducts the BBC Orchestra on September 15 2001 in honor of those who lost their lives a few days prior. Visuals from BBC’s ‘Last Night of the Proms’ and ABC’s ‘Report from ground zero’. AUVIEX edit.
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    The government needs to send these savages back to their homeland in a box if necessary.
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