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    Tenn. police: W.Va. man streaked at NASCAR event, had wild raccoon in his car
    By Travis Crum

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Tennessee police said they got a shock on Saturday when they discovered a wild raccoon in the car of a Parkersburg man arrested for streaking at a NASCAR event.

    Joshua Greene, 27, was naked when officers arrested him in a local subdivision in Bristol, Tenn., said Bristol Police Capt. Matt Austin.

    Multiple witnesses called police after Greene went streaking through Pit Row Market, where concerts were being held for the weekend's races, Austin said.

    During the investigation, officers were surprised when they saw that Greene was keeping a live raccoon confined in the backseat of his car, Austin said.

    "He had it in a large plastic tote with some holes in it so it could breathe," he said. "I wouldn't let officers open the tote until the Wildlife Agency got there to tell us what to do with it."

    The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency was called out to safely remove the wild animal.

    Greene and his girlfriend found the raccoon in nearby Warriors' Path State Park and chased it into their car, Austin said.

    "They had in their minds, for their reasons, that they were rescuing it," he said.
    Police charged Greene with public intoxication and indecent exposure. The Wildlife Agency charged him with being in possession of a wild animal.

    Greene was taken to the Sullivan County Jail $1,500 bail. He was released Sunday, a Circuit Court clerk said.


    Guess that wasn’t water (or even gin) he was drinking out of that mason jar?
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    " The Wildlife Agency charged him with being in possession of a wild animal.

    So you can shoot a raccoon but you can't cage one?
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