Politicians from both sides of the fence have some harsh truths to face about the true state of the nation's unemployment.
“Getting the unemployed re-employed isn’t just about economic growth. There are now 6.2 million Americans (more than 44% of the unemployed) who have been out of work for more than a year – and are dead last on any list of employers seeking to fill positions..... These are people whose skills have rusted in a fast-paced global economy, along with twentysomethings who haven’t even developed the habit of work. We risk losing a generation of men and women who won’t be able to find meaningful employment ever again.”

This is what Obama has done to us. And, I see it happening. I spit on this man.

We are now in the Russian Front..... Like the German forces into Russia repeating the same formula of quick rotational cycles of strikes which were effective against small specific targets, a specific city, an isolated metropolis, but which repeating the same formula across a wide crescent became obviously ineffective to everyone, and yet inveterate and repetitive for lack of any ideas from the leadership, so America is now descending into the woodlands of a cold front, inveterate and repetitive in resolve and formula, ever deeper, ever wider into the cold front, and with the resulting depleted resources and lack of supplies.... It will now be the lack of supplies that will kill us..... The formula is depleting the supplies. And then there will be no supplies..... Even the best Junkers will be without petrol.... You have surrounded a city, but the enemy is still out there, and the enemy within.....The seige will collapse. The cordon will have no powder. You simply run out of bullets in this kind of game.... It won’t even be a war, anymore.... The ingrained leadership will all commit suicide. By then though, the war is over.

The answer is new leadership, and very, very soon. Or the war is over. The consequences are serious. And then, all it will take is one more crises which can come from nature, the sky, from anywhere – and then it will be more than serious. Do not think there will be the government coming to save you this time. Lack of supplies. You will be all alone on the Russian Front.
Does that mean that we, as a society, have given up on millions of valuable Americans? Is that a question any political leader wants to answer?

This article is from the September 5, 2011 issue of Fortune.