Bacon Jam
08/30/11 - Wacky News

“Bored with marmalade, fed-up with chocolate spread? Then have a big breakfast all in one go by spreading your morning toast with bacon jam. The new barbecue-type preserve is made with smoked bacon, red onion, coffee, *balsamic vinegar, garlic, spice – and whisky. The first batch of more than 200 jars – costing $5.40 for 200g – sold out quickly at the grocery in Walthamstow, East London, where it was launched. Store co-owner Chris O’Connor, who developed the jam, said: “We’ve always sold homemade jam and crispy bacon so we thought we’d put the two together.” His business partner James Brundle said: “It’s great on toast, with cheese, as a sauce, dip or cooking ingredient. We really think it will take off… it’s just getting people to try it.” w/ photo