As far as management problems go it's become the stickiest labour issue of the French summer.

Executives who would normally be delighted to learn that their employees have foregone lunch breaks or stayed late to work on a project have been dismayed to find their motivations have nothing to do with profit or company advancement.

The problem is that office staff have spent hours producing extravagant designs by sticking vast quantities of Post-It notes to their office windows over the past couple of months in a craze that is sweeping the nation.

The latest creation, a huge six storey representation of Asterix and Obelix, appeared on the windows offices of Societe Generale, the bank, in La Defense business district west of Paris last week.

Fifty employees stuck 9,000 notes of eight different colors on the windows to create what is being touted as the greatest example of Post-It art ever, The (London) Times reported.