These amazing images show a landscape dominated by a huge gathering of snow geese, as 1.3million of them descend on a single wildlife park.....There are so many geese they appear to block out the sun and cover the ground completely.......And photographer Mike Hollingshead said the noise the birds made was so loud that it rang in his ears for hours.

Snow geese spend the winter months in the warmer climes of the Gulf of Mexico, before migrating back to their natural breeding grounds in the summer......Squaw Creek is an 11.5 square mile refuge, which used to be a private hunting area before being converted to a protected wildlife park.
He said: 'At times it can definitely look like there is a snow shower on the horizon. Your brain can be tricked into seeing nothing but the patterns of the birds flying because it can't see anything else.

'It is such an amazing thing to see. I've experienced some truly crazy supercell storms, but I'd say these huge concentrations of geese are just as much of a spectacle.'They float down from high above in layers of massive gaggles of birds topping a thousand.......'It doesn't seem like it is new birds sometimes, almost like you are watching the same sequence of repeat, but the collection of them on the water just grows and grows until most everything is covered.'This was by far the most I had ever captured, with roughly 1.3 million thought to have been there that spring.'