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  1. #1 Tornado "Swarm" Heading For Atlanta Airport 
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    Labor Day Tornado "Swarm" Passes Through Atlanta Area,Tornadoes Threaten ATL-Hartsfield Airport

    Several tornadoes have passed through the Atlanta region under the tropical storm's broader wave of wind and rain as the (former) hurricane/tropical storm passes inland. Damage reported in NW Cobb county and Cherokee county to the NW of Atlanta proper: The weather service center itself in Peachtree City (SW of Atlanta) was evacuated for a short time itself as another tornado passed overhead. That Peachtree City tornado is on track towards the Atlanta airport: which could bring hundreds of millions in aircraft damage if it hits the airport itself.
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    I was shopping at the North Georgia outlet mall when this happened on Monday. Sirens went off and we were told by mall security to step inside a store. We didn't take it seriously....but apparently, it was real.
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