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  1. #1 Man gets tasered after car chase in Miami-- Has trouble keeping pants up! 
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    Man gets tasered after car chase in Miami-- Has trouble keeping pants up!

    Just moments ago, Fox News reported on a car chase where the suspect fled from the vehicle, and his baggy pants kept falling down. Also, and this is the best part, he is a big guy, and once hit by the taser, he drops like a rock. The financial reporter on Fox News afterward said that Taser stock actually went up after the video was played. I don't doubt it. I want one. I laughed and laughed at this guy. it's so good to see these idiots taken down.
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    It's funny - every time I see a video about someone getting maced or tasered by police, the YT comment sections are all full of "Oh, that poor, poor criminal. Police brutality, I hope he's okay and gets his life together, I hope the cops lose their badges, waah waah." I'm always thinking: You know that they spray and taser so they don't have to beat and shoot...right?" I'm waiting for the day in America when saying "You're under arrest" is considered police brutality.
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