Media Silent as Audience Instructed to Applaud Obama

By Ben Howe
Sep 6th 2011


What you are about to witness is either awkward or simply military protocol. Either way it’s media bias on display.

There were a few things that jumped out to me immediately when I watched this video originally aside from the obvious fact that no one applauded until instructed to.
My first thought was, “perhaps this is simply how it’s done.” After all, they were playing “Hail to the Chief,” which, for all I know, informs them to stand at attention. But then I noticed that people seemed to be moving about, and a few were even holding up camera phones and filming the event. It made me wonder if the audience was even comprised entirely of military, which would of course raise further questions as to why there were no unprompted cheers.
I have to imagine the silence was deafening. Perhaps no one wanted to be the first one to applaud a man who seems intent on cutting the funding that many in attendance probably fashion their lives around. Perhaps they saw the people on stage not applauding and assumed that they weren’t supposed to either. Who knows? Maybe this same guy got on stage moments ahead of the cameras rolling and instructed the audience to stay quiet until he informed them otherwise.
I’ll leave those questions for people in the military or those in attendance at this speech.


Active duty people who have been in the attendance of a sitting president, you tell me. Are you prompted to cheer for the POTUS? Or do you do it on your own?

I'm just wondering if this is the new hotness now.